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SmartRuncit is one of the local online platforms to provide the household needs due to the application of new norms that are currently happening during spread of the Covid 19 epidemic, where the community is obliged to maintain distance from each other and not encouraged to gather in one place to prevent the spread of Covid 19.

Our Vision 

To make SmartRuncit as number 1 local platform groceries in Malaysia, For the purpose of uniting local retail traders and for improving the national economy.

Our Mission

  1. To be the one-stop-centre for Bumiputera’s E-Commerce Retailers.
  2. To be the best delivery service provider for customer’s household items and groceries.
  3. To provide the best quality & halal products to our customers.
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Why shop with us?

Customers will no longer have to deal with traffic jams or congestion in the market, with smartphones you can make just one click! Save time and energy. Delivery of goods is also guaranteed in good condition.

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