1. What is SmartRuncit?

SmartRuncit delivers groceries from the stores you love to your doorstep! Our professionally-trained and experienced Personal Shoppers pick the best produce and items while our Drivers deliver them speedily and safely to you.

2. What stores are supported?

SmartRuncit strives to partner with high-quality supermarkets and specialty stores near you, offering a full and varied selection of items at a range of price points (from low to high). Please note that SmartRuncit is an independent company that is not owned by any of the stores we cover and is not necessarily affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by any of the retailers mentioned on this website (including but not limited to Village Grocer).

3. Do you serve my area?

Currently, we serve selected areas in Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Cyberjaya but we are constantly adding new stores all the time. You can check if SmartRuncit serves your location by accessing our Website. Simply enter your area or postal code to see what stores are available in your location. We are coming to more areas soon!

4. How fast do you deliver?

We can deliver to you in the next day. You may also schedule deliveries up to 5 days in advance.

5. How much is the service fee?

Our service fee varies based on store, delivery distance, product and time slot that you have selected.

Please note that there are no free delivery thresholds for all our stores.

If you are unsure about the service fee applicable to your order, please make sure to check either via the Shipping class calculator or at Cart page, before confirming your order.

6. What are the delivery hours?

Our delivery hours are based on the opening hours of the stores we work with. For most stores, we can deliver between 8.30 am to 1.30 am and 3 pm to 6 pm, Monday to Sunday (including Public Holidays).

7. Is there a minimum spend?

For most of our stores, there is a minimum spend RM 30.

8. What happens if something is out of stock?

When something is out of stock at the store, we do our best to replace it with a similar item. After checkout, you can choose to let your shopper pick the replacements themselves, have them call or message you with suggestions or ask that no replacements be provided at all.

9. Are there price differences from the store?

Where the store is labeled as having “same prices as in-store” on the store selection page, we will endeavor on a best-efforts basis to charge the same price as in-store. However, due to certain circumstances outside of our control (for example, technical issues or sudden price changes in store), there may be small, temporary inconsistencies in our pricing compared with the physical store.

Where the store is labeled as having prices that “may vary from in-store”, our prices will differ from the in-store price due to a small service charge that we add to the in-store price.

In either situation above, if you notice an item that you think is priced incorrectly, please reach out to us and we will strive to find a fair solution! We reserve the right to cancel items that are priced incorrectly.

10. How can I edit or cancel my order?

You can edit your order before you continue process for payment. Go to “CART” section in our app and select the order you want to edit. Click “UPDATE CART” to change one of the following:

• Add or remove items

11. What is your cancellation policy?

Once your order is placed & our shopper has started picking the items; for technical reasons, you cannot cancel your order. However, you have the option to check all your items before accepting them at the door.

12. How do I report a problem with my order?

If you have any problems with your order, please tell us! You can call our customer support at 011 – 1108 3418, you also can click WhatsApp us on our website or simply write to smartruncit.com.my@gmail.com Please note that complaints or requests requiring refunds must be made within three (3) days after your order has been delivered.

Please note that refunds for perishable and/or semi-perishable goods (example fish, vegetables, dairy products, fruits, bread, onion, potato, pies, cake etc) will only be considered if these items are rejected at the time of delivery.

Refunds will not be provided if you do not reach out to us regarding your desired refund within the aforementioned time frames.

13. How do I return items?

Should you find that any items you receive are incorrect or not up to your satisfaction, you can reject it on the spot by letting our driver know. We will only charge you for items which you accept.

Once you have confirmed the items you have received and accepted them, the transaction is considered finalised and any further returns will be up to management discretion. If you believe you have a valid reason or complaint, please ensure to contact our customer service via smartruncit.com.my@gmail.com within 72 hours together with photographic evidence (where relevant).

14. Who will pick up my items?

Your grocery will be pick up by specially screened and professionally trained Personal Shoppers.

15. Who will deliver my order?

Your orders will be delivered by our drivers using motorcycles equipped with a specially designed and custom-built delivery box.

16. Can I add shopping notes (e.g. cut the chicken, clean fish) to the products I ordered?

Yes, you can see a section named “Add notes for shopper” below every item you have placed inside your cart. Tap and type your request! Our Personal Shoppers will try to fulfil your requirements. Regulations of supermarkets apply.

17. Does SmartRuncit deliver to offices?

Yes, of course! Moreover, if you want a more fitting grocery delivery service for your monthly office pantry needs, feel free to contact us.

18. I have many more questions for you!

Let us know! We will be waiting eagerly at smartruncit.com.my@gmail.com or click  contact us & WhatsApp us on our website.

19. How to collect points?

It is very easy to collect points :

  1. First you just need to sign up with us.
  2. Purchase any product to collect the points.
  3. RM 1 = get 1 points
20. How much minimum points that I can redeem?

Minimum you need to collect 300 points and you can redeem your points on cart or check out page.

300 Points equal RM 3